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A little bit about me...

Hi! My name is Amanda.


HI! My name is Amanda,

I started riding at 4 year old at Oakfield Riding School where my Grandma Eileen would take me every week. This is where my passion for horses began . I spent many years having fun and working with the yard ponies. At 26 years old I bought my first horse, Jasper . He taught me everything I know about just how damaged both physically and mentally a horse can be! This inspired me to want to make a difference to as many horses and ponies as possible .I then studied Equine Sports Therapy with Equinology where a very small section of saddle fitting was covered but I knew that was where I wanted to be !

I have owned lots of beautiful horses since then, each one teaching me a little more . I currently own Jack, my best friend . We regularly compete Dressage and have had a go at showing many times. He has been very successful as a large plaited non-native coloured. He has taken supreme of show many times and we enjoyed this immensely ! He is now a veteran but we may give it another bash this season. I also own a 3 year old Irish sport horse , Pembroke Star Man or Beaky as we call him at home . I am very excited for his future!

Going on to my saddle fitting , I am fully qualified with The International Academy Of Saddle Fitters and have gained my Advanced Saddle Fitter Title to which I am extremely proud! I have also attended the SMS qualified saddle fitter training course .

I love ongoing training and keep up with my CPD courses. I strive to keep my wonderful clients as happy as possible in their work , be it dressage, eventing, jumping, showing , hacking or anything else they may want to do. I also have a very keen interest in biomechanics so please don't be alarmed if I ask you to wear a training jacket from the Centaur of biomechanics to help with crookedness which I can advise on or refer you to a specialist for help. I am more than happy to work with your vet, physio and other equine professional's . Team work is the way forward .

"Fabulous service would highly recommend Amanda, she is very knowledgeable and professional and takes her time to assess your horse."

Jo Pickerill

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