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Our Services


Saddle Visits

Time to get the saddler out? 

Visit / Consultation £65

2nd Consultation same owner £40

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Fancy a full saddle fluff up or a refresh?

Full re flocks are priced at £150
Flocking , variable , starts at £20

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Has your horse changed shape and you need a different gullet?


We can do this for £20



Have an old saddle that's in bad nick? Or maybe you've just taken a fall and need your saddle repaired.


Price on request depending on what needs to be repaired.


Saddle Sales

Need to sell your saddle but don't have the time? We can help you.


We take 15% commission of sale price, the rest is yours!


What happens at a fitting?

Please ensure your horse/ pony is clean and dry and you have a suitable place to ride in safety . Hire of an arena ìs available upon request

Step One

I will firstly do a safety assessment, and then we can move on to the introduction with you.

Step Four

I will condition score and weigh tape your horse/pony

Step Seven

I will then do a dynamic assessment and ask you to walk and trot up your horse/ pony in a straight line on a suitable surface . I will also ask to see your horse/ pony on the lunge .

Step Ten

We will then discuss our consultation and close our meeting.

Step Two

I will do a static assessment of your horse's conformation. 

Step Five

I will chalk on relevant muscle groups, please request I do not chalk if you have any concerns.

Step Eight

We will then try some suitable saddles or your current saddles and make any recommendations or alterations needed . Most alterations can be carried out onsite however there may be times I need to take your saddle to my workshop and return it to you.

Step Three

A full back palpation will be carried out both sides checking for sensitivity, including the Dorsal spinous processes and girth groove, please inform me of any kissing spines surgery prior to appointment.

Step Six

I will take a template of horse/pony.

Step Nine

Next, we will move on to the ridden assessment.

All visits / work must be paid for in full either prior to or at the time of appointment .


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